Tutzor Story

I created Tutzor for you. As a fellow student, I get it. Writing is hard. I hear this all the time from the students I work with.

They preface our meetings with “my writing is bad, just wanted to warn you.”

And the truth is that their writing is never bad. Neither is yours. 

EVERY writer (Yes, including you. You are a writer!) needs help with writing. Think about it. Famous authors like Stephen King need editors for feedback and suggestions before they publish their work.

But it’s hard to seek help or even admit that you need help. 

And sometimes, you do seek help. You spend time waiting to get into the professor’s office hours only to get unclear feedback on what to do.

I attended office hours for every major written assignment, so when I say I get it, I really do.

There may even be times when you pull an all-nighter to complete an essay. You get stuck, but it’s too late to contact the professor. And the paper is due tomorrow. 

I think we’ve all been there.

Sometimes, you need a service that can help you even on weekends, even at night. I know there were times when I did. However, usual essay review services were nearly $100. That’s insane! College students have bills and student debt. They have to buy textbooks, food, and even rent if they don’t live at home.

My goal is to help you avoid issues like that. I don’t want you to go through what I did and struggle. 

You deserve clear feedback, suggestions, and even praise for what you do well at an affordable price. 

It would be a pleasure to be your tutor,

–  Jodi (Founder of Tutzor)